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Celebrating twenty-five years as a professional nurse, as a novice legal nurse consultant, D. Michele Jackson represented herself pro se in divorce. The experience allowed the drafting of legal documents during historical times. Having studied Sociology at the historically Black college: Tuskegee University, and graduating from Charter Oak State College with honors, it is as a Columbus State Community College graduate registered nurse and paralegal that opportunity lends itself. She advocated for health, defended women's rights, argued for gender equality, and fought for social justice in petitions submitted to the United States Supreme Court and Congress. Meet the woman supporting amending the Nineteenth Amendment in D. Michele Jackson's memoir, Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us. Learn of a fight for women in her sophomore book JOY: Jesus on You. "THy Word is a light unto my path."

D. Michele Jackson

The Lipstick Movement Campaign

Women We Can

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