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With a career approaching three decades as a nurse, D. Michele Jackson has recently become a paralegal as she prepares for a women’s ministry focusing on restoring life. A health and social service ministry created to empower women through Project Dorcas.

                                                         (Acts 9:36 - 42)

                                                         A Circle of Love

Upon completing a certificate program from evangelism school, D. Michele Jackson revamped a podcast that explores issues that prohibit women from upward mobility and wellness from a spiritual perspective—having started a series of three books, Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us, which is a memoir, JOY: Jesus on You, which is a legal novel based on this should never happen, and The Promise which is an autobiographical libretto.

D. Michele Jackson has embraced the call to evangelism, seeking to proclaim the Gospel worldwide.


Journey Preparation

Carolyn V. Jackson

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Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us

                COMING FOR CHRISTMAS IN JULY - 2024

Book One of The Trilogy: 

The Travels to the Promise

How do you trust God will never fail you?


Lyrical and poetically-charged, "Amazing Grace" is a memoir of love, loss, and rebirth. As a farewell of sorts, D. Michele Jackson, an only child, writes about how her life is forever changed after her mother's death. A woman of great faith, D. Michele knew firsthand the power of prayer to overcome trials and tribulations. D. Michele always turned to God; she would pray, and God would answer. Nearly every prayer was responded to until one prayer—a prayer that wasn't answered—led her to have a deeper, more meaningful take on things. With this new relationship, one with more give and less take, one where prayers aren't answered, D. Michele discovers that the Lord has a plan and a path for her.

Amazing Grace ExcerptD. Michele Jackson
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Faith is simply a powerful thing. "Amazing Grace: A Tribute to You, The Story of Us" presents Donna's story of how her faith carried her through a dark time in her life and allowed her to move on after the devastating loss of her mother. Hoping to inspire faith and bringing light to Jesus' greatest gift, "Amazing Grace" is worth the read for those going through a rough time themselves.

Midwest Book Review

Amazing Grace
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